Monday, November 2, 2015

Shadows of War

Since the dawn of man in this world, there has been a shadow cast over the lives of all men. Whether valiant or cowardly, godly or ungodly, good or evil, this shadow covers us all. It is our history and it is our future. It is the cornerstone of all our plans, and it is the destroyer of those plans. We are born on its borders, live our lives under its threat, and die haunted by it. It is as certain in life as death, and is an instrument that death itself often chooses. It is inescapable, and ever present. It is futile for even great nations to resist it, for resistance ensures that it will arise from within, and will bring it more swiftly and more surely than any other action. This war. Embrace it for it is inevitable. Learn from it because it is a great teacher. Fear it, for it is callous to the weak and by it the mighty grow strong. It is where those destined for greatness find glory, and where those destined for the grave find death waiting.  -Tormas, Fallen Mage of Serpinon