Tuesday, November 3, 2015

On Writing

The previous two posts I’ve made are portions of a story I’ve spent the last decade or so constructing in my spare time. Having anguished over what exactly to do with it all (a large jumbled collection of non-linear chapters, quotes, back story, character profiles, encyclopedic style entries, drawings, maps, ect.) it was suggested by several acquaintances of  mine that I test its mettle in the merciless no holds barred arena that is the internet . To what end this will lead and whether or not this was sage advice will eventually become apparent, I hope, but in the meantime I will post portions of my creation in whatever order I find interesting. Everything I post will be in rough form, so there will be some noticeable inconsistencies which will remain until I find the time to edit what I’ve previously written, which currently takes a backseat to writing new elements of the story, among other things.

I would like for this to serve as a sort of fast-motion version of the process that has transpired since I began writing. It has been a labor of both love and hate, and my feelings about it change with the season. I am not a writer by trade or otherwise, and I have many other interests. Nevertheless, I’ve felt the overwhelming need at times, and ever more frequently of late, to tell this story and eventually see it to its end.

Though I have a title in mind for this work, it may yet evolve into something different than I’ve envisioned so I will withhold naming it until some future point.

Also, if you have any comments or questions or would like to offer any other input please do so in the comments below and I will be happy to respond.

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