Saturday, November 14, 2015

Of Prophecy

Like a rumor it will come, amidst tidings of war. Alliances will falter and enemies will multiply. What price is there to be paid?

His coming will be a black omen for the world. For in those times darkness long held back will be loosed, and with it death and war. For in those days the rulers of the earth will be caught in the tempest coming from the East but they will not perceive that they are caught. And though a sign and a herald shall bear witness to the coming dark just as the Evening Star shines before the fall of night, they will instead cast blinded eyes longingly upon the desecrated ground and in so doing act as a portent of the sinister power that will come into that place.

Look not to the West for salvation for the Darkness comes as a tribulation for them. Nor to the South, for there reside the unbelievers who because they were deceived did not stand with their brothers in judgment. Neither to the North for from there will come not a savior but a warning, and not one drop of blood of the Undying will be spilled for the sake of the West.
But when you see such signs, look, for from the East will come forth the Forsaken. They are a sword forged by the hand of the Lord of Lies.

He has been long at its making and in his hottest forge did it take shape. The dross has been purged and by his hammer the weakness has been driven out. In the River of Death it has been quenched and time itself has honed its edge.

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