Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Prologue

Long ago, in an age that few remember, great beings lived among men. They were sent by the Creator at the dawn of man’s creation, sent by him as teachers and guardians to act as a light to guide men in their existence. For hundreds of years they fulfilled this charge and one by one they began to return to their places in the Shining Lands, far away from the realm of mankind.
But one of these beings continued dwelling among mankind. When all others of his race had left, the one called Norak remained. He had turned away from the will of the Creator, forsaking his place among the spirit lords of the Shining Lands. His pride had grown until he had become utterly corrupted, and the desire to rule filled him. To that end Norak began turning men away from the Creator to serve him.

Through his treachery and his cruel power, Norak began to fill men’s hearts with evil desires. With insidious lies he filled the ears of all who would listen to him. And using twisted logic, he misled many and brought them into his servitude. When Norak had entrapped enough men he began to incite them to war against those who refused his rule.

A great war then began, between the followers of the demon lord Norak and those of mankind that denied his rule. Across the known world battles raged. Many were slain and soon favor fell to Norak’s armies. It was at this time, in the midst of battle, when it appeared that those who fought on the side of good had battled in vain and that all hope was lost in the face of Norak’s power that Diadrin, the High Lord of the Amure, was sent by the Creator to deliver mankind. He drove the armies of Norak far into the East, and took Norak himself captive.

Before the world of men, at the very gates of Faralon, the Fair City, Diadrin pronounced judgment upon mankind for what had taken place upon the face of the ground. A great earthquake then occurred, and a rift began to form in the ground between the armies of Norak in the East, and those faithful of the Eight Houses in the West. Soon an expanse of water welled up and began to flood the rift until a great sea filled the chasm between them, thus sundering in two what was once a single land.

The remaining agents of Norak were purged from the West, but the demise of those ones did not bring peace back to the land. Turmoil and strife continued to plague the land after the Sundering War, and many of the men that were left in the West, hearts stained with the taint of Norak, began to thirst for power. Because of that thirst they began to conspire against one another for who would take Norak’s place. Kingdoms were united, and others were shattered. So again the world descended into war and the lands of the West became further divided and broken into many lands, and many peoples.

But in the midst of chaos, before the tearing of the world, the Creator set apart those faithful and wisest of mankind, they who had remembered light while in darkness, so that they might become the Watchers of the divided lands that the evil and tyranny of Norak might never be forgotten but strongly opposed when he returned. Through the centuries they kept vigilant, and though generations of men passed away, the Watchers kept their knowledge.

Of the land that became the East, the poisoned land called Gamoth, none in the West knew what had became of it or its peoples or what had became of the Black Lord Norak. The sea that separated the West and East was perilous, and none that sailed out too far ever returned.

But of the land that became the West, Doroth, some in the East knew by cunning means what had become of it, and eventually this knowledge found its way to the fortress of Gam Banin and to the throne of Norak. 

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